Once your child is enrolled in our program, we offer you an open-door policy. That means that at anytime, you are welcome to come and visit or pick up your child at your discretion. We prefer you give us notice if possible in case we have something planned that your child would miss or be interrupted in.

The only persons other than the staff of the daycare that would access to your child would only be those who you specifically list as legally able to do so(i.e. Grandma, Grandpa, etc.) All other visitors, excluding parents, must sign in.

Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. On occasion, parents offer to bring in a special snack for their child’s birthday or holiday, but other than that, we provide all food and drinks daily.

Yes, as is required by NYS, if a child has a fever of 100* or more, they cannot attend and have to be fever free for 24 hours. If they are on an antibiotic, it also needs to have been administered for a 24 hour period before returning. Children cannot attend with any communicable disease until their doctor has determined it safe and a written note from that doctor is received. If a child becomes ill during the day, the parent would be notified to pick that child up early.

Yes, according to NYS regulations, all children in full day care are required to rest. Each week you will be asked to bring a crib-sized sheet and small blanket for the week. It will be sent home to be laundered at the end of each week. Children may also bring in one special stuffed animal friend for nap.

Yes, unless there is a special medical reason that they cannot have certain foods because of allergies. We encourage all children to try a “no thank you” bite if they are hesitant or stubborn. Our menus are kid-friendly, so it is not usually a big problem.

No, we open at 7:00a.m. and close at 5:00p.m. Although parents have varying work schedules, we feel that a 10 hour day for a child in care is a very long day and we do not provide care beyond that limit.

We take yearly physicals attend childcare trainings regularly. We are also CPR and First Aid Certified.

Yes. We have a younger group of children, so our activities around those celebrations are kept to a minimum, but still very enjoyable.

Yes, during business hours is preferable, especially during naptime when it is quieter.  We encourage good communication with our families on a daily basis, but if there is anything you need to speak with us beyond that, please do not hesitate to call or set up a time when we can talk.

Yes, after the 1st of each New Year, as soon as possible, we offer our families our “year at a glance calender” along with their tax information from the previous year. We do our best to lay out the year in advance, but leave room for our personal/emergency days as well.

Absolutely not! We do accept a deposit equal to one week’s care at the time of signing a contract. That deposit will be used toward your child’s last week of care as long as we receive a 3 week notice of termination. That notice guarantees the refund of your deposit and deducts that from the current rate of care for your child.

Mainly we use “time out”, but that is the last resort. We give each child fair warning of unacceptable behaviors, but if verbal warnings do not correct the issue, the privilege, toy or activity will be taken away and the child will sit and think about that behavior. We reinforce positive behavior and deal with problems immediately, as well as helping the children to make good decisions.  If unacceptable behaviors continue, we will speak with the parent. We strive to teach respect for others by modeling that.

You may choose to pay weekly/bi-weekly/monthly. Payments are due on Monday of the current week of care. If payments are not made on time regularly, there may be a late fee incurred. We accept checks or cash, but do not accept credit/debit card transactions. If a check is returned by your bank, you will be responsible for any and all charges.

Absolutely, as long as they are willing to share that toy or game. We encourage that as it will help to teach the children that sharing is good and when others do the same, they will receive the benefit as well. Books are also a good thing to bring in as the child will feel a special connection when their book is read to the group.

The only time that your child will be transported in our vehicles will be to our annual fall apple/pumpkin field trip. We encourage parents to attend with us, and if that is the case, you will be asked to transport your own child. Those who’s parents cannot attend will only be transported by us and not by other parents.